Year after year green spaces across the country are disappearing, whether urban or rural the rapid decline in green spaces detrimentally impacts the world’s health overall. Many scientific studies portray evidence in a clinical, non-emotional manner, although scientific studies are concrete and can create motivation in their readers it lacks the emotional impact for urgency in action.

By capturing sounds and vibrations within the soil and roots of the trees and the physical surroundings experienced daily, I can create a full-bodied experience. The sound composition is made to create a face of humanity for nature, this is so that the listener can better understand the pain industrialization has inflicted. The tension between the advancement of technology versus the decreasing natural landscape is harshly apparent, through the use of ambient music I can effectively use man-made sonic symbols to portray the physicality of the pain the natural environment feels.

This is the first iteration of this project.


RELAY‘ explores the ambiguous windows of the inner psyche to investigate the inherently negative subconscious effects of today’s societal standards. The journey to decode and restructure what is taught from birth can only begin when there is a connection to what is buried.
Ruminating on the psychological effects of conversion therapy, each painting explores the personal process of breaking the cycle of anguish. The implications of society’s standards for queer, and people with disabilities create an endless struggle to feel worthy. Each painting depicts a bird’s eye view of internal restructuring after breaking the relay race of trauma; while instilling hope for connection to what was once buried.